The Galicia Verde Foundation is a private, independent project that you can find on this website.

This website serves as a link between our work and society, which we hope to provide a service, reporting rigorously on such important issues as health, ecoagriculture, or the environment, along with other supplements such as travel or cooking, offering them the Opportunity to interact with us, and other users, through our blog.

                                                                                                                                                                                             What is Ecoagriculture?

The concept of ECOagriculture implies the practice of sustainable agriculture, which does not use any synthetic substance, which prioritises local sales or proximity, that is integrated into the environment and allows the people who practice it to live worthily of their work. All this we identified under the name of Food Sovereignty.

                         Health first

Health, one of our most precious assets, is our great oblivion in a world dominated by the cultivation of the senses, advertising, technology .... Our section on health will try to fulfill two fundamental objectives. The first is to make us aware that health is "ours" and that we are responsible for it. In this line we will offer information that will allow us to know each other better and how to interact with our own body.
Our second objective will be the dissemination of complementary therapies and medicines that, in certain circumstances, may be of interest, given their effectiveness and low aggressiveness.

As the basis for maintaining and improving our health is to know ourselves, our strengths and weaknesses, on Wednesdays we dedicate the day, in the headquarters of the Foundation, to consult and determine the constitution doshica, under the supervision of a Doctor Ayurveda.
If you want you can make an appointment to learn something more about how you are, and how you should be.

                                                                The medium is our house

We can not live with our backs to the middle. Whether we like it or not, we continuously belong to and interact with it. That is why we can not avoid our responsibilities in its preservation or deterioration. Everything we do affects our closest environment and the environment in general. That is why through this website we will try to give you know of it, while also investigating recycling practices, reuse and reduction of consumption.

                                                                                                                                                                                          Namaskar, your shop "online"

As a private entity, the Galicia Verde Foundation lacks institutional support and therefore, to finance our project, it needs to have a source of funding. This is the real reason to be Namaskar, our store "on line".

Once we made the decision to organize it, were two objectives. The first to sell only products of very high quality and that provide improvements to our health, at competitive prices. The second offer products that are hardly on the market.
We believe that we are comfortably meeting both goals.

You can visit Namaskar by entering from the menu of this website or, directly at

          A meeting place, to share

The Galicia Green Foundation is a meeting place, a place to share and exchange ideas, and a place to learn. This is our philosophy: we teach what we know and learn what others want to teach us, without dogmatism.
We invite you to visit us at our headquarters in Leboso - Forcarei and to know our project, the steps we are taking and, if we can, to help you solve your worries.
 The partners, the lung of the Foundation

We would like you to be part of this project, so we invite you to become a member, to collaborate, to participate and to contribute ideas. You are all welcome.